DigiTech EX-7 Expression Factory Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Features:

* 7 expression pedal models
* 7 distortion pedal/amp/cab models
* 6 controls per pedal
* Separate amp and amp/modeled outputs
* Rugged metal construction
* Unique carbon fiber look
* Non-skid rubber base
* Power supply included


This pedal is still in it's original packaging and it also comes with the power supply. This is an amazing pedal. I got this as a present during Christmas, but i already had a Podxt...

I took it out to use it and see if it had anything else to offer that I didn't already have and it doesn't.

So if anyone wants this, I'm willing to sell it for $150. It's basically brand new, and is $50 less than retail. The reason why I'm selling it for $50 less is because I've had if for a while and it's been sitting in my closet all these months.


Is there anyway of storing presets on it?

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
No, i don't think there is, Sorry!

It has 7/7 - distortion/effects, in it

thats about it, besides the fact that u can use it as a wah wah, and whammy and stuff with
the pedal.
Would you ship it to the UK? And how much whould that be extra? If so, i'm pretty sure ill buy it, please message me or email me - thanks