I ahte my f*cking school. I play guitarand sing in my band, and we were gonna play or talent show. It's a Catholic private schhol, the song must be under 2:30 (2 minutes, 30 seconds), and it has to be country/western theme. And ontop of that i play guitar and sing. I really dont like country./ Anyone know some good Jimmy Buffet possibly that i should sing and play with? Thanks, and remeber, must be

UNDER 2:30,2 Minutes and 30 seconds. Thank you!

note: i really only like Jimmy Buffet. And stevie Ray Vaughn

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you could do life by the drop by stevie ray vaughn i think that'd pass as country.

But seriously do the beck version of lonesome whistle blowin' by hank williams (it's just Em to Em7 to A to E then E to B to E)

Or you could do on the road again by willie nelson
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