So I have a VOX cambridge 30 right now and I love it, which is why Im looking to stick with VOX, I had my mind set on an AC30 but then in my searching I came across the AC50CP2 and I was totally diggin' it so Im now on the fence about which to get, oppinions on which to get or even a totally new amp suggestion?

my budget is about $1300
Any style really, but I play mainly Indie kinda stuff nothing brutally heavy or anything, just rock.
I love the fender hot rod deville with 4 10 inch speakers, very bright and articulate and at 60 watts loud enough to peel back faces.
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my ac30 works wonders for that type of music

if you get it though, i would buy the head and cab

NOT 4 the stack look, but for the easier portability

combo = 90 lbs. and the head and combo are about 50 lbs. a piece, if you gig, its a lot nicer to take two trips to the car than lugging a 90 lb. combo
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