I modified my jagmaster by adding a push/pull volume knob so I can coil split the humbucker pickups. The mod went well and now I can switch between humbucker and the "single coils(split humbuckers)" pickups.

the only problems is that whenever I use the single coil mode I get a hum. I know that single coils are supposed to be noisey, but I believe this hum originates from a grounding issue.

The hum goes away whenever I touch the metal part of my instrument cable, the metal washer section of my pickup select switch, or the screws next to the pickups(the ones that adjust the pickup height). The hum does not go away when I touch my guitar strings, and the hum gets louder as I increase volume. there is no hum when my guitar volume is low.

Is this a grounding issue like I am thinking or is it something else? Where should I look in my guitar circuitry to find the bad connection or lack of ground?
Sounds like the bridge is no longer grounded. Check to make sure the wire going to the bridge didn't become disconnected, or isn't part of your switching scheme.
check the bridge, but also check all other ground connections, just to be safe...it could be somthing else too.....
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