Alright so I've never dealt with mods at any point in my life, in fact I've never really dealt with any technical aspect of computer gaming. Until I played Oblivion I really had no desire to do any thing in depth with a game, but now I've decided to give it a shot.

My problem is as follows: On the site it says that the automatic installer that comes with the mods doesn't work with windows vista, which is what my brothers laptop (the one with Oblivion) has. How would I go about installing them? Also, if I download them and burn them on a disc and than put it in my brothers laptop, will it not work for some reason? I'd have to do that because his laptop doesn't have internet and the one that does, which I'm on now, is a mac so it won't run Oblivion.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: and before someone says "asshole you should ask this on an oblivion forum, this is a guitar website!!!11111!!!!!11"

its not worth registering at another site and all that **** when there are plenty of computer savvy people on UG
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Well you could go to the gaming thread.

this. seriously.
There is a Mac version of Oblivion.

Also, unfortunately, CS does not work in vista to my knowledge...which is why I'm still on XP
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^Ah thats a bummer

And I totally forgot we had a gaming thread (even though I now realize its on the first damn page)
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon