I know this is a classical and acoustic guitar forum but this is the only place i could really think of to put this thread, I have been looking at harmonicas the past few days but i cant figure out which one to buy. If you could suggest any this would be great. I have been looking at these two links though:



On the second one i just cant figure out what key i should buy though.

Could anyone help please?

Thanks, Kenny
I'd suggest you go for the seven pack first, and then over time buy Marine Bands or other high quality harmonicas to fill in the niches and to replace the ones you use most. Having only one good harmonica doesn't bring you as far when it comes to jamming and playing along with others than having several mediocre instruments in different keys.
When strictly playing on your own, for having something portable to keep the music going when travelling or for training basic abilities, a C would be best. G would do also, mainly because these are the lowest of the bunch and are very easy to play.
When you want to accompany yourself while playing blues guitar, take the key you are most comfortable with and pick the harmonica that is three whole notes higher. For blues in G that means you'd best take a C harmonica.
A workable compromise would be having three harmonica's; a C, a G and a then either an A or a D.
Anyway; if you become serious in playing this instrument, you will end up having at least 12 blues harmonicas that you'll also have to replace on a regular basis, a few tremelos and of course one or two chromatics and whatever else may fancy the fanatic. It may be a very cheap instrument to start with, but if you catch the fever they'll rip you off like any other.
I play a Hohner Special 20 in C myself, i think its a great instrument. It would be useful to have a pack of many many different keys, if you are willing to pay that much. I play mostly folk type stuff which is basically all in the key of C or G anyway (Oh yeah, I have a Hohner Marine Band in G laying about...). As far as a single harmonica goes though, definitely go for either a special 20 or a marine band (preferable marine band... its constructed out of better materials IMO) in C.