Now that I've bought my sl1 and have had it shipped, I've been reading online reviews about it and many people say they prefer the sl2h WAY more than the SL1.

Did I totally **** up on my buy, or is the SL1 a good instrument?
It's all matter of opinion. The SL1 is S/S/H isn't it?
Anyways, it all depends on how you feel. Depending on when you ordered it, you could always call customer service and see if they could change your order for you.
normally people read reviews before they order something
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Personally I'd prefer an SL1 so long as it has a single coil blade Tone Zone in the neck. Mmmm tasty
It depends whether you just want a hum in the neck. I don't know how much you use the neck pickup? I NEVER use the neck pickup so I wouldn't care. If I were to have the choice I would probably choose a single coil anyway actually.
The problem with reading reviews is everybody has a different opinion. I got as far to know that I wanted a Jackson soloist, but the SL1 vs. SL2H business was never solved. Reading reviews can only help so far.
It's not a matter of which guitar is better, it's simply do you like the sound of a single coil or a humbucker? Either one you get, you can go the other way. There are humbuckers that fit into single coil slots, and there are coil splitters for humbuckers. Personally, I think the look of the S/S/H on an SL1 is far sexier than the SL2H, and I prefer to have a middle pickup, it adds versatility.

Just play the guitar that you got, I'm sure you'll love it and won't regret getting it. If the sound of the neck pickup isn't quite right, then just buy a replacement, it'll only cost you about 80 bucks.
Black/red ghost. It's like the black background with red flames on it.

I know I'm going to love it. It's just that I think I've put TOO much thought into this and what I'm trying to get out of a guitar. Enough is enough already, I had to buy the damn thing lol. Plus I wanted the versatility anyway, so the SL1 will rock my world.
Wait till you get it. You will be the happiest person in the world. The only thing why i prefer the SL2 is because i dont like the middle pickup. It's just located where i pick, and it gets in the way. But if you have that same problem, just lower the middle pickup and the problem is solved.
Either way: jackson SL guitars are bloody awesome, whether its a SL1 or a SL2
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