Alright I've gotten better, time for some divebombs and screamers, however my Avenge SOB doesn't have a tremeloooooo. I'd love to go to guitar center and try a few out, but meh I can't.

You guys know what to do:

B.C. Rich is cool, but I've heard bad things about them if they're made from china and what not. And seeing as my SOB had a messed up tone/volume knob right when I got it...and single tone knobs suck. Can't keep the tone without the volume and what not.

Just a nice looking guitar, no problems with it, but its not one of my prefered thats all.

Love the neck, love the nice finish, but I've heard bad things about the neck being too slow. So I have no idea.

Can someone shed some light? Or maybe post another guitar, but if you haven't noticed I need a tremelo and 2+ pickups (2 doubles atleast). I also want black. And the finish should look pretty nice. So I think these meet the requirements just I've heard bad things and decided to listen to my fellow guitarists.

Oh and are all tremelos capable of doing screamers/divebombs or do you need locking tremelos like the B.C. Rich?
you can do them on normal tremolos but ud get out of tune in no time. thats the point in locking tremolos. they lock the strings so they dont go out of tune
Get a jackson dinky or something with a floyd

B.C. Rich is not that great IMO

also Edge Pros on Ibanez models are great for dives
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Ibanez is cool but I don't like having that white part on the body and don't like those fret markers on the neck.

The 2nd Ibanez I just don't like the body, that black on grey looks weird...

And, I notice none of them say double locking, so if they say locking then thats the same thing right?
schecter ftw! love mine X)
and i got $80 off from getting it refurbished

i still need to make a NGD for it
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schecter ftw! love mine X)
and i got $80 off from getting it refurbished

i still need to make a NGD for it

NGD? lol

Anyway >_> that didn't help, there's 2 schecters I posted. I'm kinda thinkin the Damien...
well if you read my sig, you would know with one...
And i was thinking of getting the Damien, but when i played it i didn't like the feel compared to the c-1. There was just something that didn't feel right. Also the c-1 is a higher quality guitar then the damiens...

btw: NGD=new guitar day (thread)
I see XP. Does the C-1 have a locking tremolo? It looks like it, but lacks that in the description lol. Just says liscensed floyd rose... =( I wish I lived in a guitar center dumpster.. XD