like in the Come Alive tab. i looked in the tunings thread and didnt see it. maybe i just missed it, sorry if i did. tuning down from standard btw
This tab? >>> http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/f/foo_fighters/come_alive_ver2_tab.htm

I'm pretty sure you tune up to F#.
A way you could do that is to play an F# on the B string (7th fret) and match that pitch.
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TS: Anytime you see something like that where E down to F# would be a huge jump, it makes much more sense to only go up a step to the F#. Just think about it logically; if it seems like way too big a jump, aim to tune in the other direction.
no problem. what the hell is the point of this thread though?
you didn't really ask anything.
I think he means "how do I?"

and as the guy said before me.

it's tune UP!
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