Poll: would you have sex with UG?
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19 27%
50 71%
Voters: 70.
I could deal with AIDS, but not with Super AIDS.
Did you know the odds of a Vault-Tec shelter failing are 1,763,497 to 1?

So imagine life in a Vault-Tec Vault. Not just a future.
A brighter future... underground.

Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
no, she would just be telling me about all her problems and beg me to rape her.
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nope. it has too many assholes.


and no i wouldn't
every time i ask her a question it would be 'fap fap fap'. her best friend would be 4chan and her vagina would be the pit.
I would not have sex with a fat insecure horomone raging middle-teenager with acne and girl problems.
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
I think if UG was a person it would either be the coolest person ever or the dumbest rapist.
Does anyone know the song that goes: ba ba bah, ba ba buh, bu ba bum, ba ba bah, ba bu buh, bu bu bum, bu ba bu bu bum baam?
When I saw the thread title the first thing that popped into my head was "I would have sex with them"
No, half the people here are stupid as fuck. That would make UG be that one ditzy blonde girl that everyone talks bad about behind her back.
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I wouldn't want to catch AIDS

What bout now?
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Dude I got these strings the other day that couldn't be tuned to higher than 4 octaves below middle C then I realized that they were shoelaces and they weren't making any sound at all.
god that would be so damn annoying
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it's official, vintage x metal is the saving grace of this board and/or the antichrist

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& alaskan_ninja

No one would have sex with it tho I gotta ask the mods or Frenchy..

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RSOB and Gavs must have a great relationship to be able to sleep around so much
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Yeah, it's pretty flexible. Like gavz.

Likes to play thread games, also!

There is no way in hell I'd ever have sex with someone who had AIDS, a severe fascination with penis', totally obsessed with pokemon, has terrible grammar, alot of acne, talks about the same current event ATLEAST 7 times a day, and maybe sometimes has something useful to say. I'd feel like I was ****ing a War Child..