Anyone know any easy AIC songs for a beginner? I started playing about 6 months ago,
only dappling in solos, any recommendations with those things in mind?

Thanks to anyone in the know
angry chair is pretty easy, and if you really really try to learn the solo and just have patience and play at a slow speed at first then may i suggest them bones. the solo is decently easy with practice.
Them Bones? i dont know if the solo is too hard for you though but its a good song to learn some of the other riffs are still good........
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a good one to start with is like the intro to Heaven Beside You, intro to Grind, or the Intro to Sludge factory Just the power chords for the later two. but those other guys are right too
nutshell, angry chair, no excuses, brother, rooster, heaven beside you, i stay away, are all some very simple songs to play. you can get even easyier if you play the acoustic versions of them