Ok so I know PA Systems are more than just the guitar, but I'm wondering for guitar output whats better to have? And how big of a show could you do with about a 500$ PA System or 500$ Half stack if you even can.



I'm not really knowledgeable about such things hence, the probably stupid questions. After looking at it it looks like you don't even use a PA system for guitar aside from the mixer but oh well I'm gonna post anyway!

And about pedal boards

Is there anywhere that has pedal board packages complete with a few pedals and maybe a power supply?
there's one thing about pa systems. if you run a guitar through it, you have to have an amp simulator, other wise it sounds like a speaker being grated.
and guitar amps are usually miked up and run through the pa, that way the engineer can control the volume
as for the half stack, go for a tube combo instead of a solid state half stack, better tone and in the days of amps being mic'd, you really dont need all that volume.
as for the pa, you could in theory use it for your guitar (with a D.I box), however, you would not get as good tone. However, your band would have a pa system, even if you couldnt amplify/sounded like crap.
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there's one thing about pa systems. if you run a guitar through it, you have to have an amp simulator, other wise it sounds like a speaker being grated.

not always, you can do some amazing things with the right proccessors.

TS, I run a PA system as a job, aand they are very loud, but you need someone to run them. A PA, depending on how it is setup, will provide alot more stage coverage than 1 amp, even a stack.

As for the rest of what you said, its kinda hard to figure out.
So basically a PA would be better but hard to get a good sound.

What if you hooked your guitar up to an amp or pedal, then put the pedal into the PA System? Wouldn't that give you the ability to distort and what not?
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Don't buy a 500 dollar halfstack.

You can buy a tube combo, and I guarantee that 30 watts will be plenty for a gig.

BTW, most venues these days have their own PAs.

I don't really get how Tube combos work lol. I guess I have research to do

And true enough about their own PAs.

But seriously a 30 watt is enough for a gig? What size is that? Like maybe a 30-50 person? I have a 30 watt amp right now (not tube) I guess it could be loud enough, although I never really crank it up to 10... I keep it between 1 and 2 and its plenty. But still, with a mob of people screaming yelling, who knows what, I dunno.


Something like that would be good?
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Well, 30 watts tube is much louder than a 30 watt solid state.

BTW, I said not to buy a 500 dollar halfstack because all the halfstacks at that level have bad speakers, bad cab construction, they just sound bad.

Trust me about the amp. I have a 40 watt tube amp, I never turn it past 3. It's at gig level a bit before then, on the dial.
Posted a link to one. Just wondering, do tube amps just use knobs like solids or is there something you plug into it? Because I could've swore I saw something that you plug into them yet I see no inputs for that one aside from the guitar input.
Yeah, those Crate V Series are good for the money. The V18's and the V33's are going for stupid cheap. That would be loud enough for a gig.
If you want gear recs, I'm more than willing, but I need to know a budget, your country, and your styles of music/bands you'd like to sound similar to.

As for your other question, I have NO idea what you're asking.
Sure, recommendations would be great lol. I'm gonna get a Schecter C-1 I think, they look nie and aren't too bad for the buck so thats about 500$. So if possible I'd like to get a new amp around 200, but I can possibly go up a few hundred. I live in the US. And I like Avenged Sevenfold. Thats kind of the sound I'm looking for but also the ability to play lighter stuff if I wanted to like 3 Doors Down or something.
lol well I can go a little higher but I'm trying to spend under 800$, I need more stuff aside from just this guitar and amp. But just let me see whats out there and I'll work up my budget eventually.
Tube amps use Power tubes to get their amplification
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Spend more money on an amp than a guitar
you won't regret it,
The amp is much more of the tone

I would reccomend getting either a randall RG50TC, or a used 5150
I think I'm gonna start a little smaller like the one I posted, and then once I move and get the new job, I will upgrade to one of the randals.
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Ok, I know this is an old forum but I need to know what to do. I have a Crate GFX1200H half stack. I also have a Phonics PA system. I am running them both seperately. this is good, but I have to turn my half stack way down. I was wondering how I get the most out of what I have.? I heard I can run the amp head through the PA, but the PA system only has 2 speaker jacks so I will not be able to use all 3 speakers. Please help.
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