i was just alittle dissapointed by "No World For Tomorrow". i'm hoping that the next album is more like the first three IKSSE3 was an absolute masterpeice
I still love Good Apollo I'm burning star IV. I actually saw them the other day in concert. It was crazy. Welcome Home is the stuff.
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i enjoyed the album, but then again, i'm completely biased because i love all coheed. but it's true, IKSOSE:3 was their best album
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I am actually a fan of "No World For Tomorrow"; but I also like their older stuff. Personally, i liked their stuff in albums like IKSSE3 for completely different reasons than their newer stuff. Their newer stuff is a lot more epic with an insane quality of production, however you can headbang and/or dig their older stuff for completely different reasons. They have went from hellfest to warped tour, and they will probably only get more mainstream.
so far the only thing that i liked from them is welcome home
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They are the one band I can listen to no matter what mood i'm in. Each one of their albums has a totally different sound, which corresponds the the tone of the amory wars story it covers. With that in mind seeing as their next album is a prequel to the rest of the story hopefully they will get back the the rawer sound of SSTB
don't wanna be a douche but..theres already a thread on this...

but i think sstb was by far their best album, followed by IKS...then the others were good, but pale in comparison to the others...also shabutie was better than their latest two albums but they don't really count right?
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