Poll: Which one do you do most often?
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Lyrics First
10 23%
Melody First
20 45%
Same Time
14 32%
Voters: 44.
I know its been covered in the can and cant post, but Id like to get a vote. What is most often done by you?
well, my singer makes the words... and then at the same time, I do the melody and the music.
it depends on how it happens,. back when I was the vocalist in a band my guitarist would come up to me and say he had a really nice riff he came up with. I'd listen to it record it and play around with it until it came together. It was easier for me to start with the lyrics and melody at the same time, get the lyrics written and sing it for my guitarist then he would work out the melody line and we would finish the song. Now I just play guitar and don't care about writing the lyrics.
I think its easiest to write melody first if your good at lyrics (as a good lyricist can write around any melody) and lyrics first if your good at melody (same reasons, replace lyricist with composer and melody with lyrics).

I dont know how you would do it at the exact same time...
I think that if you're going to write a song, then you should write the lyrics to exactly what you want, then work the music around it. As opposed to writing the music first and writing the lyrics around it. 'Cause the lyrics might not come out exactly how you wanted.
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I write differently for every song.

Sometimes I'll just have a bunch of words on my head I need to get out, and write lyrics without any music. Then later I'll work on a riff/chord progression for it.

Other times I'll be strumming along, and come up with a neat melody just scat singing or something. Then come the lyrics.

Or, I'll be writing lyrics and they will just "sing" spontaneously. It's awesome.
Lyrics come to me naturally, I usually find it hard to write lyrics around a melody. I let the words which evoke the emotions tell my fingers how to play the melody.
i usually have a song before lyrics, or lyrics before a song. I prefer to add melody, and then lyrics to the groove of the song, but if i have lyrics that i really love i try to put music around it. mostly, my music-first pieces sound better, to me at least

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It varies with me, I'll sometimes help out the singer and write

Orrr I Make the lyrics and write melodies that fit with the lyrics
I cant make a song unless it has a meaning first and unless your going to have no vocals the music cant have meaning yet or purpose i find writting the lyrics first is better because for me music is about sharing something to people wether it be sadness guilt anything once i write my lyrics and find the meaning then i can make the music
Lyrics and music separately.
Whenever I write a poem I try and put them to chord progressions I've come up with.
If it works, it works, and I'll have a song, if not, I either try and make music (always fails) or just move on.
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I write the melody on the piano whilst writing lyrics, but I can't do the same thing with guitar.
I usually write them at the same time. Usually, I come up with a pretty weak melody, though, and improve it as I go along.
Whenever a lyric pops into my head, it comes with a tune. I dunno. Whatever works for you I guess.
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