I'm going back to Japan after my summer in the states. It's my last year to live there and after that I am moving to Texas and my dad is getting out of the Marines. I have lived in Okinawa for two years and when I get back I will only know a few people because most people I know have PCSed and I'm going back to a new school. What could I do to have a great year?, because not many people know me and after a year I move. Sounds weird, but I just want to have a good year before I stop moving every two or so years and live somewhere for a while. This seams like a blog, but I want suggestions.

Thats my current situation, and I just wanted to vent it some way or another. I dont really care if this thread is closed, I just wanted to get it out and maybe get a little help.
Live every day likes its your last.
Never say no, and if you feel nervous about something then DO IT!