Today I was a fool and let my friend mess with my Guitar, what a mistake that was he was jumping around with thinking he was a rock star I told him to knock it off and the Head hit my cement floor, anyway let this be a lesson I for now on will only let guitarists Handle my Guitars the end.

anyway there is a nice crack in my head and the finish is somewhat removed damage is not to bad but I would like to know if there is a way to fix the crack as I know if I leave it alone it might get worse I know wood tends to start to split so to say.

And help would be great.

Im thinking so wood glue might do the trick.
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Or kick him in the nads or something.

this man is a prophet.

I believe a square punch in the dick is in order for your friend, and his feckless amounts of douchebaggery.

Yeah he knows Im not happy with him, But I mean he has been my bud for years so I forgave him haha anyway anyone suggest a brand of glue Im thinking it has to be pretty thin stuff the elmer wood glue I had was to thick and not strong enough I got so super glue would that do the trick?
I have Gorilla Super glue...

The crack is small not big enough to wet both sides...
Dont Got a Cam so the best I can do is discribe it, Its a schecter Head the crack you can not see from the front only the side and back and top it is very small but still large enough to bug the hell out of me its at the corner and runs down the side about and inch and a half.