I wouldn't go as far as calling it hardcore electronica or anything. its mostly guitar driven I'd say. Tips on the mix would be appreciated greatly.

The song is in my profile, Thanks.
that was really good, didn't hear any timing issues which is impressive since you had all the synth and stuff. were the synth and the drums just done with midi? if you added some vocals you'd have a pretty cool style.
I made the synth in FL studio as MIDI, yeah. along with the drums and bass. Then I imported them into audacity and exported them as another audio file, since for some reason it wouldn't let me import them all into sonar seperatly without just the drum track going off time at the chorus. (which sucked, because I couldnt mix all the tracks seperately...so I think its kinda bleh right now). then I imported that into Sonar and recorded the guitars... If I had a mic I'd try some vocals. But thanks for checking it out =]
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