I was playing around with my new Mesa DC-5, and had dialed in a pretty good lead tone, but it was lacking, it could get muddy and highs were very shrilly. I got it a little better and messed around with the graphic eq, and started fooling around with the classic V shape, but with a very subtle mid scoop.

But nothing seemed to change, i forgot to click the eq. into lead on the rear of the amp. It was clicked to out, which was doing nothing.

It switched in and omg, it was amazing.

It was so clear and articulate. So rounded, yet full of different characteristics.

Even playing very high on the bridge pickup wasnt full of treble.

It sounded like John Petrucci was there, in my room, playing. (Except for the fact im not good )

So then i commenced some Lines in the Sand....
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Sadly, a Line 6 Spider III + a BOSS DS1 pedal don't really add to your quest for a smooth, clean but crunchy and fuzzy at the same time sound. Sorta like if you threw a bunch of wet sponges and car keys into a blender and put it on "puree"
When I played this Soldano, which is apparently like $3000.

It was so buttery smooth, and amazing.
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I wish. Im unsatisfied with my 6505+ lately. WAY to harsh of an amp for no matter what guitar and pickups. Ive tried all sorts of eq settings and what not. Im just looking for a little bit more smooth, yet agressive(..?) metal tone. Arch enemy-esque. Maybe ill swap it for a randall rm100 with an ultra xl module or soemthing.

guitar stuff is so expensive.
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2 times:
first time was a tele into a handwired marshall.

it pains me to say this, but second time was a 52 tele reissue into a spider valve combo. i thought it woudl suck,but it actually was good
Bizarrely... yes, and on sucky gear.

I took my cheap little Fender Super Champ XD practise combo amp (15w tube amp) and using it like a head, hooked it up to an old battered Fender speaker cab from god knows when, can't have been any younger than 1964 though. Through that I just directly plugged in my Korean-made Epiphone Joe Perry Les Paul (it's an Epi Standard with Gibson Burstbucker #2 and #3 pickups and chambered), cranked the bugger to about 3/4 of it's total output, and... there it was.

I'd like to point out, at the same time I was also testing some vintage Marshall amps, a 1956 Stratocaster once owned by Jeff Beck, a 1958 Strat, and a 1959 Les Paul in near-mint condition. None of them in any combination beat my cheap little Epi and the Fender comob through an old speaker. I've been wanting a 1959 Les Paul for years, the whole reaosn I ever picked up a guitar in the first place was after seeing Richie Sambora play a 59 LP through a Fender stack - but after testing them out, I thought sod it. Why spend what was going to be nearly £20,000 on a guitar and amp when evidently all I really needed for my ideal tone was a better speaker.
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yeah.Mesa Boogie makes awesome amps. i'm pretty close amp. i have classic v with little extra treble less mids. i made the same mistake i was playing the eq on rhythm the whole time for like a few days. problem is i cant play loudly because i live in an apartment. . sometimes i crank it to like 3.5 and it crushes my room. glad you're happy with your amp.
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i can't say i have, then again my perfect tone would be clapton's, during his cocain solo at the 1st crossroads festival. I haven't played through many guitars or amps other than for 10 or 15 mins at guitarcenter. I deffinetly can't figure it out with the amp and guitar i curently own though.
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About to have mine.

Im about to be running a DSL, b52, Carvin MTS for my dirty sounds.
Carvin, DSL, Blues junior for my cleans.

I just need something with a little smoother pickups now.
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