the bridge on my epiphone les paul standard is broken and is having some serious intonation on my g-string. I was looking at getting a new bridge and a new tailpiece while im at it. however, im not sure what the measurements are on my instrument. so does anyone know which one fits?


I have some advice, earlier this year in the fall I got a roller bridge from guitarfetish
It's awesome. no signs of being crap yet, works great, keeps the guitar in tune great, and I haven't broken any strings at the bridge. for the tailpiece, its really not too important, but since you would already be ordering from guitarfetish i'd get this

Some poeple bash guitarfetish, but I've had nothing but great luck ordering from them. You can get a roller bridge at stewmac aswell, but it's much more expensive
The stock tailpiece is probably ok. You could try some new saddles instead of a new bridge if the bridge itself is good. There are plenty of aftermarket T-O-M saddles available so look around...
The gotoh bridge you posted is the wrong one. The other one with larger studs will drop in no problems. But alot of aftermarket stop pieces dont fit on epis. They use a metric spacing everybody else uses imperial.