has anyone else heard this band? they're from LA and i learned of them through the youtube acoustic series thing and thought they were brilliant:


also their song sometime around midnight is very good too.
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I saw them live less than a month ago at Download Fest
and they were pretty good.
I had never heard of them before but they put on a good show even though
they were the opening band on the main stage.

and they just came out with their first album so I'll probably check
that out soon
I saw them live in Pittsburgh, and I thought they were really good. They opened for the Fratellis, but I really like airborne too. The chick with the electric violin was sweet, she jumped in the crowd and started dancing with us.

One weird thing, the album sounds really different than the band I heard on stage. Maybe its just the mix.
I'm starting to get into this band, I really like their sound, it's unique. I hope to see them live one day
They are pretty good, I caught a bit of them at Latitude (most of their set overlapped with someone I wanted to see more). I have to say they're one of the coolest-looking bands I've seen recently!

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Pretty damn good band I must say myself. Happiness is Overrated is definitely my favorite track from them.
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