Now that I think of it, I have no idea how much power most pedals require, but that power supply is only 500mA, which comes out to 4.5 watts. That may not be enough, but otherwise it looks like a pretty good board.
i guess so. i wouold buy it! it seems like a good deal, and if ur lazy like me and doesnt wanna go out and buy everything AND put it together, then this is for u!! its all up to u

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You may be better off with something from here


and this


(Rondo case and a 1-spot)

The reason is that if you DO grow out of the pedalboard or if if decides its gonna break you still have the one spot, and it shoudl last you forever.

Edit: Its a little more moneys but the one spot will let you power WAY more pedals and I would trust it to not hum or buzz. (who knows about that other board
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