Im torn between the marshall silver jubilee 2x12 combo or getting a reissue bluse breaker or possibly the 1974x .....Im tm hoping for a cream hendrx/Zeppelin sound...please any help to let me know which comes closest to the sound with no pedals...thanks
Ugh... reissue Bluesbreaker...

Get a Metropoulos JTM45 or Germino Classic 45 combo for that price. The Marshall bluesbreaker reissue is robbery for what you're getting. What the hell kind of JTM45 reissue doesn't even come stock with KT66s? Not to mention, PCB construction, ****ty transformers and components in general. Yeah definitely look at Germino if you want a bluesbreaker/JTM45 combo.

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thanks al112987...you have been like a sensay for me on my quest for tonal orgasthisisty lol