I live in the OKC area (UCO), and I'm looking to join a hard rock band. I've been playing for four or so years and I have stage experience. My main influence is Coheed and Cambria, but other notables are Guns N' Roses, Metallica and Shinedown. If interested, shoot me a pm or an email; alienguitarplayer@hotmail.com

That, or reply to the thread.

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We'll, I'm in Bethany OK (SNU), and I'm a bassist. I mainly play Avenged Sevenfold, blink-182, and Slipknot (lovely combination, right?), stuff like that, but I usually just make up my own stuff as I go along. Send me a sample of stuff you've come up with and I'll see if we could mutually benefit from the alliance commonly known as... a band >_> <_<
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Where in Edmond are you? I live at Danforth and Western so I'm pretty close. I play bass and guitar, a friend of mine plays guitar, we're both looking to join a band together. Do you know any drummers? I only know one but he's already in a band... Of course.
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