So, I bought this used "Jackson King V Professional" in a Guitar Center in Seattle a couple of years ago, and I'm really interested in knowing what pickup did it had as it came with a Seymour Duncan on the bridge and an anonymous humbucker on the neck. So if you were the owner of the guitar, or know something about it, I would love to know what pickups are they, and any information on the guitar. Here are some specs:
-Black finish
-Rosewood fretboard
-Dot inlay
-One volume, one tone, three way switch
-Bolt on neck, with a serial number reading: 602515
-Floyd Rose Licenced Tremolo, when I bought it the Clamps of the Locking Nut were missing, as well as the whammy bar
-The truss road cover had an "engraving" saying "RS"
The neck pup has only a sticker with a number on its back, yet it's irrecognisable and it has no adjustable poles as regular humbuckers, it looks as "two singles together".
Any information is welcomed
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i really wish it was me, but i would never sell a king V.

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Nothing to add really, but "Clamps of The Locking Nut" sounds ridiculously funny