Soon i'll be gong to guitar center to check out new guitars. I really want you guys to reccomend some guitars for me. Although all i have is a 4 Year-Old Squier Bullet, my dad has some guitars that he never uses, but they are all Single-Coiled, Fixed Bridged, 22 fret guitars. I initially wated a Fender Highway 1 HSS Fat Strat but no i just want to go all out.


I'd like it to have 24+ Frets, Preferibly Sharktooth Inlays, i won't mind not havin' 'em though
Have a Double Locking Tremelo System
$400-800 Price
I find In-Line tuners alot eaiser for me
I'll go for HH, HSH, or HSS pick-up config.

I play alternative (by that i mean Tom Morello stuff) rock, metal, and some clean stuff, but i prolly won't use this as clean.

Any Guitar Company (Excuding Epiphone) is okay.

Sorry, but i randomly make fun of my friend for having an epi, it would be too awkward (besides all the epi's have only 22, execpt Prophecy, i tried them and the ones in my price range i didn't like.)

So plaese tell me watt i should try, or avoid i guess.
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Well I think there are a few Ibanezes that fit all your criteria.
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