firstly, i love how the verse is a tad slower than the rest of the song in distortion.
it gives it a more, 'alternative' sound rather than sticking to heavy sixteenth notes.
in the post chorus, you could try palming the open notes on the 5th string.
it will make it sound much heavier.

the rest, i had no problems with.
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well..my only major gripe with the song...is the solo. at times, i loved it. at times, i felt things were tossed in at random. such as the trem picking at 163 and the tapping from 166-168. also, the transition from the run at 172 to 173 was pretty bad. finally, wtf at bars 176-177 of the solo?

other than that, 8/10

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I love the intro. Sounds a bit upredictable, and I like that. Chorus and post chorus sound nice and energetic. Nice melody there in the verse. Really not much to complain about here, you have reason to be proud of this!

Wow, the bridge sounds totally cool too, nice and dissonant, in a good way. The imghty chorus kind of sums things up in a nice way. The solo sounded just the way I wanted it to sound, very well done!

Keep it up bro!

Really nicely done, the only part I kinda had trouble wrapping my mind around was the first few notes of the chorus, which you had the two guitars playing a major harmony, and it sounded...well major, which to me didn't fit in with the rest of the song. Other than than spot on.

And from now on, i'm calling all of my choruses "mighty".