if i were a fish
in the deepest of seas
would you take the time to come visit me
would you sit down, and sip on some tea
tell me what more, could "just friends" be

you know I would love you
if you loved me back
what is the unforseen
talent I lack
all I am sayin
is give me a chance
without the protection
of your defensive stance
in the end all that matters
is that we never made it
you only wore that dress
cause you know that I hate it.

I don't mean to sound rude
I'm just in a bad mood
I'd really hate for you to leave again
you think that I'm lazy
well at least I'm not crazy
who really cares if I like to sleep in
"I sorta don't trust anyone who doesn't like Led Zeppelin"
-Jack White
i quite like it, however i think a stronger ending is needed rather than ending on 'who really cares if I like to sleep in'.

it could be 'but i still love you baby'
just my two cents, im useless at lyrics!
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