*(The song is on my profile...)*

So I've just finished mixing and recording a new song with my band (Air Raid Men).. It's called Alone Again and it's a little bit alternative, a little bit grunge, and a little bit electronic...

We finally recorded real drums, something we've been dying to do for a while, and we really worked on getting the quality to be top notch, and it sounds pretty decent... but go check the song out on my profile, or our music mspace at--


thanks guys...

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wow, I really like this.
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Very, very nice song. Had a great chill sound to it. As far as criticisms go, I don't have many. the first one that comes to mind is that it sounds like the vocals were off key in a couple of spots. Pretty minor, but noticeable. Also, it sounded like the treble on the crash cymbal was a little high...seemed like it clashed with the rest of the song a little. Other than that, good stuff. Very impressive.

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