We've all got our preferences on that song, and just about everything has been done to it... Post your favorite version of voodoo chile here.

Other than the original, this is mine. VintageTom on youtube.

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that version is pretty neat. I've experimented with voodoo chile a bit but nothing very different to post. besides, i don't have any recording system.

props to you, though, not extremely different but very cool
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I was listening to the radio a few weeks back when they played a live version of Candlebox's Far Behind, during the solo they went into playing Voodoo Chile pretty cool sounding
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Zakk Wylde + Slash = This

+1 thats the one they did with "Pride & Glory" for Gibsons 100th, wasn't it?

Still hard to beat the original! Hendrix's version pwned!!
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SRV's Voodoo Chile is one of my favorites.
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SRV all the way
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