Poll: Why do i break the 6th string so frequently?
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View poll results: Why do i break the 6th string so frequently?
I use it the most
1 10%
I tune down, putting stress on the string
0 0%
I ht it too hard (unlikely)
1 10%
My bridge needs adjusting
8 80%
Voters: 10.
Hey all, i really don't know if this is the right forum or not but hey....

ok, my problem is, i seem to use a lot of low E 6th strings. I have a few ideas why:

This is the most used string on my guitar
I tune down alot, putting stress on the string.
I hit it too hard (this seems least likely)
My bridge needs adjusting.

I really don't know which one it is, but the fourth string is the same one i have being using for the past 5 months whereas the 6th is about a month old.

give me some ideas to help me out.....

The saddle might be sharp... Look into that.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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constantly changing the tuning from low like full step D back to nd stuff can put to much tension on the strings
I don't know dude. Buy some DR strings, they're the strongest and longest lasting. Ive never broken one and i slam my strings, even the high E. If those break then your guitar is sharp like dude said before.
a bur on the saddle most likely.

an unsaturated fattylolcid.