I guess my question is not so interesting but I need some help regarding gear (haven't found an answer in the archives). My girlfriend is going to start learning the bass, and
I'd like to make her a surprise and give her bass+amp as a gift.
After a *lot* of reading (I am a musician, but not a bass player), I basically could choose an amp: a marshall mb 30 for which I have a pretty good deal.

As for the bass guitar, I am currently hesitating between a cort action bass (174) and an Ibanez GSR 200, which is more expansive. Both of them have pickups P+J which is a good thing I think when you start. Is there a big difference? Any other choice for the same price (160/200 euros, i.e. 300 bucks)? Could I go wrong with those?

Thanks and sorry again for this not so interesting question...
the gsr200's are really nice, for the price. If you can, look at the wiring first, the only problem ive had is that a ground wire got loose and i had to fix that. other than that, great starting bass.
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I would Go with the ibanez, Because i never really liked that cort action dont know why just never liked it.
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