Here is a jazz song over a 2-5-1 progression I wrote. C4C. Since it is primarily a jazz song, I play the verses, the chorus, than like a jam sort of, then the chorus a few times and an outro.

... And All that Jazz

All that jazz has lost and found itself
Tell them stories of wealth
Because this jazz
Knows where its at

All that jazz about the accident
Same old ways to to pray on what was sent
Because this man
Has ate the sand

The stroms roll in
The price of the toll rises
You will pay for your sins...
And all that jazz

I can feel that, thats a nice peice, the lyrics flow, and i'm sorry to say but there is nothing wrong with it! Just add in another verse into that, under the chorus and it will sound jazz worthy! If you want to crit mine, my new one is called, "As i Rest My Head" You'll find it in my sig later, but for now, it's on the first page.
Loking forward to seeing some of your other stuff!

Good Luck, and Good Job!