Spotted her coming from a couple of blocks,
Looked like a model with bright golden locks,
I was sitting outside on a hot August day,
when a beautiful blonde came up to me, and took my breath away.

She would talk to me and i would listen,
I half thought that she was an apparition.
She spoke like an angel, looked like a dream.
My prayers were answered that day, when she took my breath away.

A tall blonde from sweden with big blue eyes,
Like two pools of water under two morning skies.
You can't look away from her you're under her spell,
You don't wanna look away from this Stockholm belle.
No you can't look away, once you're under her spell.

The face of a Goddess, if you believe in the Greeks,
those blues eyes never look away when she speaks.
A tall blonde form sweden took my life away.
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hey! im in sweden! their sooo beautiful haha

im in arlandia and going to st petersburg in a couple of hours

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