I have a Jackson with the Jackson style LFR.

Could I buy a OFR or LFR and just switch them?

Also, how would I go about doing this?


My guitar has this bridge...

Floyd Rose® Licensed Jackson® Low Profile JT580 LP Double Locking 2-Point Tremolo

I Googled such and found the following thread which says I should be able to swap it out.


My friend said he'd sell me a LFR he has lying around for $40 since he's never going to get around to using it and he sent me this schematic.

I believe this is as much as I can give with my limited knowledge.

Measuring with a ruler down the the mm seems inaccurate if I were to try and I hope this is enough info to find out if it's possible to swap the trems or not.
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go look on the floyd rose site and get your ruler out and measure your guitar a bit

if you're lucky you might be able to switch it right in