So here’s the thing, I’ve recently sold off a load of old gear to free up some cash. I’ve decided I want to put that money toward a semi-hollow guitar primarily for jazz, which is a style I really want to explore more of.

However, having now sold off all my other electrics, this guitar will also need to act as a backup for my strat at gigs. My band play mostly funk and bits and pieces of ska. It’d also be cool if it could handle a bit of rock.

So I found plenty of versatile semi-hollows, but when I went Dolphin Music in Liverpool to try some out, I realized I really hate the massive bodies most semi-hollows have. They’re just too bulky and I can’t carry those things around as backups at gigs.

So… I seem to be left with these two options (unless someone has a suggestion)…

Ibanez AJD91C at £350
PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow at £500

The PRS seems to be a quality instrument, and although I didn’t play it, I know from past PRS experience that I’ll love it. The Ibanez ADJ, I played and really liked. The only thing I might like to do with it is add some locking tuners and replace the pickups. But there are no reviews of this model, so I’m not entirely sure - some of the parts didn’t seem to be of great quality.

Basically, what I want to know is, should I spend less on the Ibanez and then mod it or should I go for the PRS, which seems to be of overall, better quality?

*** Also, how difficult would it be to get locking tuners put on the PRS?
Don't assume the PRS will be better if you haven't played it. In my experience with full-bodies, ibanez mid-range guitars are a huge step up from PRS ones, not sure how this would translate into semi-hollows though.

As alternatives, I'd recommend this:

Or look for a second hand rickenbacker, although that won't be as good for jazz
i own one of these puppies. Reverend manta ray. Quite simply the most versatile guitar i've ever played, and inexpensive.
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The manta ray seems alright, but they seem to sound edgier than I'd like. I'm also in the UK so I don't think I'd be able to get hold of one.

Tried that Hofner (or a very similar model) and although it was very nice, I think I prefered the neck profile and feel of the Ibanez AJD.

Edit - A couple of hours ago, a friend brought over an Ibanez AWD102NT which I think I like even more. Click for the link - does that seem superior to the others I've looked at?