when i try to tap it sounds as if the gain on my amp is set to low, my amp is weird, i f you move the volume up a mm from 1 it becomes EXTREMELY LOUD, is it my tapping thats crap or is it my amp?
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You're possibly just tapping weakly, and need to practise it enough to make it good....
It's almost always worth getting a new amp, but never blame playing problems on your equipment
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When most people tap, it's the pulling off part they seem to get wrong first time.

You do not just simply remove your finger from the string as you tap, it is a flicking motion similar to a typical pulloff with legato. You can either flick downwards (towards the floor) or some people prefer to flick upwards. The main thing is that you get the string moving when your finger leaves it.
try not to put in too much unneccessary effort in your taps. just try to make it a fluid movement. and practise slowly if you have to.

you can also try tapping in clean channel?
start slowly. Im no pro at tapping, but i can get decent sounds out or my LP, and i gues if you have an ibanez or a strat, its a lot easier. Try this rif, but SLOWLY at first, make sure that you can really hear the notes:
Hold the fifth fret, then hammer in the 7th and the 12th, then do a pull-off on the 12th. Then repeat. Hold the fifthe and hammer the 7th with your fretting hand, and use your other hand for the 12th fret.

P.S. i dunno if its tabbed right, i rarely tab anything
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just practice your technique, until you can play it perfectly in your sleep
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thanks for help ill keep practising
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