Hey. I'm having some problems with my bottom three guitar strings. When i try and tune them they would very strange. Even why i use my guitar tuner on those strings the tuner thinks that their different strings. I left my guitar on my desk, could that have been the problem? I ordered some Ernie Ball strings and they should arrive tommorow.

What do you think the problem is? All comments are very much appreciated. Many thanks!
when ur tuning thinks its different strings its because its tuned to a different Note

for example you tuning the G string

and it comes up with F it means u got to tune it Up more and more until g comes up
Right, the only way to get it to where it will just show that note is if your tuner has one of those options to where you can program it to standard tuning or drop tuning or a whole step down or whatever... and it'll tune to just those notes and not show the other notes. Just don't tune to the wrong G or A... make sure your strings aren't getting to tight. I remember doing this 10 years ago when I first started. I was like I got to get it to G... got it to g and it snapped in my face. haha
btw im about to start using ernie ball... I used to not like them and DR's are my favorite type strings. But the DR's I use are 8 bucks a pack. Music store here has ernie balls for 299 a pack. Might sacrifice a lil brightness but hell... lol cant beat 3 bucks.
well i mean 2 dollars and 99 cents. I have tried them and it does seem like they are better than what they used to be. When I had first started guitar 10 years ago I used them for years and then discovered dr's and dr's were so much better. But I couldn't tell as much difference this time. And I mean 8 bucks versus 3 bucks its a big difference. I still can't find the perfect acoustic string. The d'addario with the extra string life sound really good but they are like 13 bucks which I know you are paying for them to last longer. Right now I use d'addario 12-53 in a whole step down. So I've found the perfect guage.
Oh ok kk. It's still rather difficult to tune. The sound i'm recieving is strange.
what do you mean post more comments? We just told you what you was doing wrong. The sound is strange because you've got it either way to low or way to high. If you're tuning your G string and the tuner says G it doesn't mean you are tuning where you are supposed to.
I used to have that tuner, it jumped around alot and made it really hard to tune properly. Anyway, i suggest buying a new tuner, something like a korg CA-30.
I've ordered one of the Korg CA-30's from Amazon. So hopefully that should help very much.