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As the thoughts swirled around my head, a distant shimmering of the sunbeams on the murky green ocean distracted me. The salty smell attacked my nostrils as the wind whipped, and waves lashed at the rocks. A lone seagull flew overhead, and I thought to myself how I wish I was like that seagull. No boundaries, living like a nomad, with all the freedom in the world. As I squinted, my mind drifted from now and then; reminiscent of my struggles, my encounters through life.

Trees bending in odd shapes as the wind ravaged the vast country side. I turn to face the wind and I tie my hair back into a pony-tail shaped form. Flapping in the breeze is not generally the best thing at this moment. Whilst looking at the trees, like their branches, our arms and fingers are intertwined. We are one. My head is placed firmly on her shoulder, and she turns her head to place her lips upon my temple. I subtlety smirk, and I squint into the unforeseen. The darkness is unsettling. She moves in closer to me as she is beginning to get colder. I feel her shiver.

Within the darkness, the light extended from the moon, casting our shadows across the ominous landscape. With the twinkling of the stars above our heads, a timorous breath of the cold night air wafted from my mouth. She caught glance of my actions and gave a surreptitious smile. Her lightning blue eyes sent a cold rush down my spine. Her red pouting lips glistened in the moonlight as I moved in closer. Our lips interlocked and we embraced a moment of pure passion. My hair, now managed to untie itself again flaps wildly in the cold night air. She ran a hand through my flowing golden locks as I gripped her tightly.

Several years past from that night shared between us, and she has grown bitter. Her lightning blue eyes still send a shiver down my spine, yet not that of passion. She glares at me, and stares right through my soul. Her once surreptitious smile is now filled with a hatred that is indescribable. Her red pouting lips have now become thinned out and menacing, as she defames me of my well-being, stripping me metaphorically, of my dignity and pride.

My toes sank deeper into the sand as I restlessly began to walk along the ocean line. My hair, no longer the golden beauty it once was, has now been whittled away. Like the sands of time slowly ticking life away, the sand moves around my foot as I take another step.

Step by step my fate becomes clearer. Cold and unforgiving, as I proceed into the ocean, the water rushes around my ankles. Step by step, my body becomes more engulfed by the swelling sea. Waist deep, I remember why I’m how I am. She never understood me. She never really knew what I was about.

Now swimming around my shoulders, the foamy water lashes at my face. I look away, and around, one last time at the world that I was never meant for. Sooner or later I will find peace. Until then, nobody else will hear my story. I take one last breath from this world, and I have now submerged myself completely. Instinctively, I try to come back to the surface, but there is no use. It will only be a matter of time. I shut my eyes, and as I drift off, the current moves my lifeless body out, under the waves to a distant place.

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