I've been playing for a good two years now and I think its time for a change in equipment.

My gear at the current stage is:
A Epiphone Prophecy EX (EMG 81/85) (which I am very happy with )
A Fender Frontman 25R (Which is my first amp. I didn't know much at the time so i ended up with this...)
my tube screamer and a boss ml-2 (metal core).

I want an overral metal sound from my amp. The clean channel does not matter as much. The frontman sounds bad at high gain and my priority is to find a replacement for it.

What I'm interested in right now are the Roland 15x, 20x and 30x. My friend has a 15x which I tried out and and it sounds pretty metal.
Is the 20x and 30x more suitable for metal than the 15x? Seeing as the 15x comes with Metal Stack, Metal, Distortion and Overdrive compared to the one setting on both the 20x and 30x, I'm not really sure what to go for.

Most people would say go for the 30x. It doesn't have to be loud; my house is small and I'd like to keep my hearing until I'm atleast 30, you don't need it much after that.
my budget remains from $150-300 or so (AU) but thats not really a concern.

srry for the post size thx for reading through it and
thanks in advance for your suggestions!
Roland cubes are the only practice metal amps worth looking at. Get the Cube 30, the lesser ones don't have amp models.
Thanks for the fast responses. I've come accros the Vox's once but I remember it wasn't as great a experience as playing with the 15x, I might not have tried the Vox VT tho. I have also tried a peavey of some kind and there wasnt anything so special about it, but again it could've been a different model.

mcrfobtai, what do you mean by the 15x and 20x not having amp models?
Quote by mcrfobtai
Roland cubes are the only practice metal amps worth looking at. Get the Cube 30, the lesser ones don't have amp models.

Not true.

The Cube 15 and 20 don't have Cube 30's Rectifier model, but they have others.

The MicroCube and the 30 have the same Rectifier model, but the Micro does not have an EQ - it just has tone.

Get either the MicroCube or if you can afford another $100 or so... definitely go for the Cube 30.
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thanks for the comments I guess i'll probably end up going for the 30x. The micro cube is cool but I am the sorta guy who likes to fidle around with the EQ once in a while.

However, I will have to go try one of those Vox VT's sometime.
The cube 30 can be played at lower volumes, but a MicroCube and an eq pedal may be better in your case. Plus, battery operated so you can take it anywhere and rock out. You can get a huge variety of tones from a microcube even without an eq. So try one and see what you think. They really are great metal practice amps that won't have your neighbors freaking out. (unless you want them to).
I agree, even if you don't have an EQ, the tone knob adjusts the mids on the Microcube, so you can get a scooped or cranked sound out of it.
If you want an EQ pedal, I'd suggest an MXR 10-Band. It rules.
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