Hi, I've been playing Guitar on and off for a good few year, never been in a band as such so it's sometimes hard to keep motivated. I though I'd start recording some stuff on my laptop and my mate sings so just wanted to start recording just for fun, nothing too pro.

Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions as to the sort of hardware and software required. I was looking online and found the Stealthplug which seemed to get some good reviews but then came across the Line 6 Toneport UX1 which seems to be for both Guitar and vocal which sounds ideal. Does anyone have any experience of using either?

Any advice much appreciated!

i owned a stealthplug and it darn near destroyed my computer! I dont know how but when using it i just got a horribly high pitched squeal (not from the speakers but from within the laptop itself) and then the blue screen of death and my computer wouldnt restart...

And its a really good computer so that shouldnt happen!!

I then got a toneport which worked fine... the gearbox software sounds awful but what do you expect? As a way of connecting your guitar to the computer its fine. I have heard the M Audio fast track or whatever it is called it better

edit: even with my very good laptop and recording software i found the ultimate solution to recording. I bought a used emac for dirt cheap... just plug your mixer straight in and use garageband, works an absolute treat and sounds great
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I've used the UX2 for recording and it was okay. Had a bit of trouble with latency (but that was probably my oldish laptop). Used Ableton Lite (which came free with it) as the recording program and found it easy so upgraded to the full version, which I really like.

I would say the recording software is as important as the interface to get the sound you want.

If you can get to a shop that sells interfaces they should be able to let you try a few out and pick the one that suits you best.
if you want free then either audacity or reaper

if you dont mind paying a tiny bit the i think there is one called acoustica mixcraft that is very garagebandy with loops and stuff

If you have lots of money or a very wrong and rightfully punishable way of acquiring anything then adobe audition is the king for me
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What recording software would you guys recommend?

I pirated Cubase SX 3. Love it. Couldn't ask for anything better.

I have an old Behringer 16 channel mixer, which is actually very decent (OLD behringer). I have a Behringer B1, which is great if it doesn't break. And it hasn't yet. I have some MXLs as well.


That was before I knew how to use it really. Now my quality is better than that, but that'll give you an idea.
I tried using Cubase but to be honest it might as well have been written in hieroglyphics I found it that difficult to use. Could've just been me though...
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The Toneports are fair units, more for just idea work IMO but if you have VISTA, STAY AWAY and go with an m-Audio product.

If you want to use condensers go with another interface with phantom power such as the EMU 0404 however a Shure SM57 dynamic is nice for general use IMO.

Be aware the Toneports are just 1.1 USB interfaces and run slow...

Most noobs start out with Audacity when it comes to sequencers however I really like working on the higher priced ones since its easier in most ways.
You could try Reaper though which is very nice for the price.
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