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Taylor Swift - Youre Not Sorry (Tab does exist)
Taylor Swift - Jump Then Fall (Tab does exist)
Taylor Swift - Shouldve Said No (Tab does exist)
Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece of Heaven (album) (bass) - It's a song, not an album, and there are a couple tabs of it, one with a 10x5-star rating.

Nuyerexor24yvd - Nuyerexor24yvd (bass) (1/2 down) - it's a viagra and whatever spammer LOL
Muse - Nights of Cydonia - misspelled title.

EDIT: Also, Iron Maiden - Hollowed Be Thy Name. Same reason.
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Rise Against - Saviour (Misspelt, it should be Savior. Also, there already exists a perfect guitar pro tab by chromaticvision for it)

Rise Against - Reeducation Through Labor (there exists a perfect guitar pro tab by chromatic vision, titled re-education)
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Thanks for report.
Start removing them.
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.

I made a tab for the song "To Live and To Lose" by Silverstein. But I accidentally misspelled it "To Love and To Lose". So I was just wondering if you could change it. If not, then if you could just remove it and I'll submit it again with the correction. Here's a link to the tab:

v Will do. Thanks!
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Will be fixed. Next time post in tab talk forum.
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
Heaven Or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins (tab does exist)
Hallucinating Pluto Intro - The B-52s (tab does exist)
All of these requests already have quality tabs on the site...

Suicide Silence - Price Of Beauty (tab)
The Fall Of Troy - Battleship Graveyard (GP)
The Fall Of Troy - Single (tab)
The Fall Of Troy - Straight Jacket Keelhauled (tab)
The Living End - Make The Call (tab)
Threat Signal - Another Source Of Light (GP)
Threat Signal - In Repair (GP)
Threat Signal - Lost (GP)
Threat Signal - The Beginning Of The End (GP)
Threat Signal - Through My Eyes (GP)
Threat Signal - To Remember (GP)
Winds Of Plague - Decimate The Weak (tab)

Also for Threat Signal, there are 3 requests for a text tab of the song Another Source Of Light. The only one needed is the one with "Drop C" tuning... the one with no tuning and "Open C" can be deleted.
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Taylor Swift - Youre Not Sorry (Tab does exist)
Taylor Swift - Jump Then Fall (Tab does exist)
Taylor Swift - Shouldve Said No (Tab does exist)

I am sorry but I don't understand this. I am a guitar teacher and pay for this App through my Android. It helps out greatly when I need to find a tab on the fly for my students. But above you have Taylor Swift - Jump Then Fall (does exist). But the tab is wrong. I have just checked it coz I need it and I have corrected it myself and advised the author.
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I don't wanna start a new thread for this so i'll post it here.
A couple of years ago I made Buckethead: Imprint GP tab on request but "Requests honored by you" was still 0. I made an another requested tab recently and honored by you is now 1.
I know it's no big deal but I wonder if you could check what was up with Imprint? Is the request automatically deleted when the tab is made so there's no history?
You can see there's a comment on the tab that says "THANK YOU!" I guess that's the person who made the request, that's the closest to a proof that it was requested I got

Btw does the total score represents how many upvotes the tab got on the request page?
And there is an another request for Imprint but in text format. Would it be okay if I exported my GP tab to ASCII and submitted it?
GP - tabs already exist

Buckethead - Sea Of Expanding Shapes
Blind Guardian - Straight Through The Mirror
Slipknot - Snuff
Avenged Sevenfold - Piste 18 <- this song doesn't exist and apparently this guy keeps requesting it
In Flames - Condemned
Buckethead - Sail On Soothsayer "solo"
Children Of Bodom - Rope Lava (Tab) what song it this supposed to be
Buckethead - Broken mirror
Buckethead - flock of slunks
Disturbed - The animal
Iced Earth - Melancoly
In flames - Our Infinite Struggle
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Panic at the Disco- "Back to The streets"

The song is called "nine in the afternoon" and there are a few chord tabs on UG as well.

*Also Bob Marley-Where Is The Suvivers
Song is called Survival & it's here already.

Nickelback-How You Reminds Me (lol) we have 10 tabs of that here!
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Shape Shifter - Amon Amarth --- Already a GP tab
A Beast Am I - Amon Amarth --- Already a GP tab
Heathen Throne - Ensiferum --- Already a GP tab
Heaten Throne - Ensiferum --- Misspelled song name
Ad Victorium - Ensiferum --- Misspelled song name
Vodka - Korpiklaani --- Already a tab

There's also Smoking Ruins - Ensiferum which has been requested in Drop D. The song isnt in Drop D..
Mastodon - The Czar
Mastodon - The Last Baron
Mastodon - The Last Baron GuitarPro
QOTSA - Keep Your Eyes Peeled

All exist

And there is a Mastodon - Crack The Skye GuitarPro request for Drop C, but the song is in Dropped A (AGCFAD). Same goes for Mastodon - Divinations in Drop C, while song is in D Standard.
I think request with wrong tunings, while correct exists are bad request because most of the time people guess the tuning. Divinations has 1976 votes while there is a perfect tab...
Devildriver-Burning Sermon,1000+request in wrong tuning,correct one already submited
Knee Deep,same as first
Nice opinion.Too bad it ain't the same as mine.
Im So Lonesome I Could Cry (ver 2) chords - Raveonettes - (identical to ver 1)

(my submission glitch!)
Not sure if this is the right place, but these two tabs need to be removed.

First one is a duplicate. Second one isn't even a song. Also, it seems like the contributor of the first tab keeps submitting nothing but duplicates. I just rejected 3 duplicate tabs in a row from him.

Edit: Make that 26 duplicate tabs submitted by Butterballs1910. Every single one of them. Duplicated.

emad, please ban this person.
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Twisted Sister - I Want To Rock

It blows my mind that 2000+ people saw "I Wanna Rock" tabs and thought "No, that's not right. I'm looking for I Want TO Rock".

i notice that this band : noir désir (one of the most popular in france)
is mispelling here :

UG does'nt support éèà ...

So if a moderator can move all the tabs to this correct band name :


there is some bad titles, i submit them as a bad tab.
While browsing for random songs to tab I came across these.
All of these exist:

Steel Panther - Just Like Tiger Woods (Tab)
Between the Buried and Me - Specular Reflection (Guitar Pro)
Alcest - Ecailles de lune Part I (Guitar Pro)
Alcest - Ciel Errant (Guitar Pro)
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The B-52's' "Hallucinating Pluto" intro tab. There's already a 5-star version of it on the site.
Also, the Paramore "I Caught My Self" tab request. The song's called "I Caught Myself", and there are plenty of 4-star tabs.
And Silverstein's "Bad Romace"... spelling and there are two 4-star tabs already
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I recently submitted a requested tab where the request had the wrong tuning. After I changed the tuning in the approval queue, on the list it still said so-and-so requests, so I figured it's still listed as a requested tab.

After it got accepted, due to a bug or whatever it's still there in requested tabs and 'Requests honored by you' is the same as before.
It's not only my score, but also the people who subscribed won't get notified the tab is made.
I guess I could ask you to remove it and resubmit it, but I'd like to keep the rating.. Is there a way around this?