After digging through my Uncle's Basement, i found this guitar. I had been told by my uncle that he bought this in the 80s for around $300 and was top of the line guitar back then. I was doing some research but i cant find any information on it except that this guitar is very rare and only few exist right now.

So my question is if i decide to sell it, how much can i get from this?
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$300=Top of the line?

This was about 25 years ago remember, so you could pay less for a better instrument.
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I can't see an old $300 Yamaha tele copy reselling for too much...
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I have a darker sunburst model of this guitar and it rips. Those pickups can scream like a les paul and they are great for blues. The push pull know is good to for getting a more strat/tele sound. The neck is smaller a/la an EVH guitar. I would gladly buy another if I could find it. They got mojo.
One of the bands I was in did a lot of Zeppelin and I used that guitar was perfect. It's sound is just a tad flat (eq) wise but barely and it rocks...Great guitar. Mine was stolen but I got it back a few months later. It's played countless shows and has been dropped, kicked etc and still does alright. The higher strings usually need retuning after a few songs but it's a small price to pay for such a great sounding guitar. I also have a nice strat and a Satriani guitar and this can hang with the big boys. I've used it on stage and in the studio. The color of mine looks great on stage too.