This is probably best answerable (that's what I want to say whether it's a real word or not) by someone who is experienced in both..

okay so currently I am working with Reaper and haven't quite figured out if there is a way to take the multi-tracks and put them into one track without recording from an outside source, if not will Ableton be able to perform this task? Also does Ableton cost money or can I download it from download.com or what?
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As much as I recorded, I definatly perfer Reaper; I think the production within it slays for a free program.

and as far as I know, Ableton costs money.
I know (virtual relationship, not person to person) a guy who has done engineering with bands like Megadeath, Gin Blossoms and Sheryl Crow who swears by Reaper.

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I tried AL when I had a UX1 and didnt like it much, I preferred Reaper which is a great piece of software.

Also you can probably set the output of those tracks to feed to an input of a new track, hit record on that new track and play it though...
not sure if that will work but I have a feeling it would work...