Great job man. I love the tone you got. The percussion sounds a little shallow (if that makes sense). Maybe a deeper tone from those would make it a little better. But the guitar sounds great. Can't think of anything negative to say about that.

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the drums were amazing! did you do them? was the bass acoustic too? it sounded really good. the guitar sounded quite good as well, although it was a little bassy, as was the recording in general. maybe re-eq it? drums could be heavy in the mix, with more of a pressence. this was very cool and funkybluesy (i just made up that term)

good job.

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Typing as I go:

Loving it already, the bluesy take on an almost funky style of play is quite fantastic. Choosing the Djimbay was a good call. There is a bit too much bass, lets be honest, the high point in this is the "dueling" acoustics; bg and lead. The bass is just too much... it sort of degrades what is going on in the foreground... its just too strong and really drowns out half of the beauty. Also, the drums are too far behind everything. Needs a bit of mixing before it can really shine. The actual acoustic guitar stuff is great though. Has a great "toe-tapping" feel to it. About 2:40 when the pace seemingly quickens (thought it doesn't really) has really stood out to me.

Right aroudn 3:05... the bass is WAY too much. it took the piece out of its element. This has a dirty blues feel to it and the bass is much to clean... need to do something about it in my humblest opinion.

The BG guitars "cheeky noises" are really strong, and I love that. Really sets the tone for the song and carries it so that any dull moment in the lead isn't a bad thing at all.

Very solid, and with some EQing could be excellent.

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Thanks everybody! Yeah, the bass is an acoustic bass just mic'd as are the guitars and the percussion and yes I did the percussion myself. Anyways, thanks for all of your comments and thanks for listening! I'll crit back now.

Cool use of the stereo effect, having guitars on different sides. The recording quality is good, and the groove is good too. I like the bass you've got in there, though, to me for some reason it sounds a little strange in the mix... I don't know, that may be just me.

It does get a little bit repetitive, being such a long song. Nice work though!

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