ok,i know that when singing notes you say "do re mi fa sol la si"
i always wondered how do you sing the accidentals?
I've never tried to learn solfege, but I think sharp and flat notes have their own names, so you'd just sing the name of that note I guess.
Then just sing the name of the sharp or flatted note...do you know what an accidental is?
never mind,blue_strat gave me the answer i needed..
you might as well look at it,you cant just sing "mi sharp"..
No, but you can sing tee tay lah and lay, instead of just tee and lah...those would be like the sharps and flats in a scale, and what you'd sing if you had an accidental. Like in the C major scale, you'd sing doh ray mee fah soh lay tee doh instead of lah tee doh.
it's gonna be amazing when i get to music school and i only know the name of notes in A, B,C etc...
gonna have to learn all this crap, because here in portugal it's the only thing used : /