It's been a while and my strings sound like s***. I haven't changed them in a while. But, just a question, I'm changing the whole set so should I change them by taking them all off. Or by taking one off and replacing it. Also, should I start with the low E or high E string.
You should change them 1 at a time starting with the low E & alternating to the high E working your way towards the center. If you take them all off you remove all the tension on the neck & that could cause intonation problems.
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i generally take them all off.. give the guitar a nice clean, the start with the high E

This way works well. As long as you intonate your geetar when you've finished...
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Id take them off one at a time starting with the Low e, however if you do take them all off you will have to re set the intonation
i start with the low E and work higher. that may be because i'm a lefty or something, because all my righty friends do it the other way around.

i take off all the strings too, but i never have problems with inotation. unless you had 0.13s on there and left your guitar without strings for a week, i don't think that yout inotation will be that f*cked.

also, don't pull your strings though all the way and start winding. pull the string through the post, then pull it back trough Apporx. 2-3 inches. bend the string at a 90 degree angle. pull up on the string, just enough to have some tension, not enough to pull the string out (this is why i band the string). once you get a good wrap or two around the post, pull up on the string with more force. this helps with the tuning instabilities you get with new strings.

hope this helps.
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