are epiphones any good?
cause i'm looking to buy a guitar that will play well in a band but i dont really know if i wanna be like everyone else and get a standard Strat
and i can't afford gibsons
maybe you should look for some kind of Schecter! They're are amazing guitar and not that expensive

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My son has an Epiphone 310 SG. Sounds great and seems quite well made. I like it, and it seems like a hell of a guitar for the money.
i have an epi les paul and tbh it depends what you're looking for, the epi's usually have better tone and sustain than a strat but in terms of playability the strat is probably a little better
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get an epiphone g400 if your gonna be playing classic rock
i would highly recommend it
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what kinda music does your band play?
also, if u are gonna buy an epi, make sure you try the guitar out before you buy it
epi QC these days are like shot in the dark... u don't wanna order online a brand new epiphone that you didnt even get a glimpse of
Definitely look at their Les Pauls and SGs.
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epiphones are decent but from what ive seen some begginers have a harder time using them than other popular brands (fender, gibson, ibanez). if you want something different that not everyone has and are more on the hardcore/metal side of music, i would definately reccommend some kind of Schecter. They are great guitars for the money you pay. An Ibanez would be more versatile if you arent really sure yet. in any case make sure you play the guitar before you buy it.
we're gonna be playing stuff like taking back sunday...modern rock i guess?

anyways its really guitary stuff
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we're gonna be playing stuff like taking back sunday...modern rock i guess?

anyways its really guitary stuff

Well, let me give you a rundown on what I feel about the neck- the Les Paul neck is big. There's an upside and downside to that; the upside being that practice and playing is harder while the upside is that practice on a Les Paul improves my hands better than a Strat, due to the difficulty. Playing on a LP, to me, is like running with weighted clothing- you're going to run more slowly, but it's going to benefit you in the long run.

I don't own an SG, but I hear that it's a good compromise between 60s and modern guitars. They also fit in aesthetically with just about all music types- classy enough to look like an expensive guitar, yet the horns and the more accessible neck look like they fit any rock outfit.
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