Price: 850 Euros

or make me an offer

only one year old, never been played outside my basement, perfect condition.
****! have the prices gone down??
when I bought this thing it was 930 euros!

alright then, how bout 750?
and there are various internet shops on ebay that sell them for 800, but that's without taxes. And if anybody wants, I still have the receipt with the garanty from the store I bought it from in Hamburg, I'll send it too, of course.
I can get eon for £401 quid in my local music shop.

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oh hang on, you guys are from the UK *doh* of course they're cheaper in the country they're made in! well the price is negotioable, just make me an offer.
Dude, where do you live?
seriously, 929 euros?? btw, I'd probably take your offer, maybe haggle a bit, if I could afford it cheapest around here is 650(used)
damn that's expensive. i can get one for 450 USD....
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jesus christ I obviously live in the wrong country!! oO

anyway, amp is gone, sold it for 750

thanks everyone!