Ok, here's the question:
I have an Orange Crush 30R (30 watts surpisingly), but unfortunately i need something a bit louder. I found the Super Champ XD, noticed it was 20 watts valve amp. So, will it be louder than my Orange?

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(Discussion about the Orange Tiny Terror)
THATS WHAT I HAVE! I LOVE IT SO MUCH.... i don't know if it would be better than your orange because i don't have any experience with orange but mine goes pretty loud. Probably loud enough to play a small gig
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I do small gigs with it uno pub stuff.... It got totally drowned out on saturday at an outside gig though so sundays outside gig it was mic'd and sounded very nice
my buddy has the 5 watt version. it kept up to the bass, drums and my guitar when we we're jamming. tubes are louder than SS. a five watt tube amp can get louder than a 15 watt SS.
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That's a much better upgrade, plus...

It has built-in voicings (British, Marshall-esque), like you'd find on an SS modelling amp, but it's tube. When I tried it, it sounded really good. Much better than Fender's Blues Junior, I think. I suggest you check 'er out.