Poll: Do you hate Green Day?
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8 36%
14 64%
Voters: 22.
I used to, but I don't really mind them.
I hate hearing about them all the time, like in 2005.
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I like them and I'm proud, stick that in your bong and smoke it!

i luv em, i was just asking. cuz every1 i know seems 2 hate them
i don't hate them but don't like them too much either
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I get called a slut all the time, and I'm a dude.

To have such a successfull career after all these years is amazing. Ive gone off them a bit since AI but the stuff before that is gold. Up to each person whether they like them or not but you cant deny how good they are at what they do. They just do it, its because of everyone else such a fuss is made of them
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they're not all that great, but i don't necessarily hate them

i liked their pre-American Idiot stuff better tho
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You guys just made my (green) day
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Quote by jbeez19
Green Day is flippin awesome their the Nirvana of our time.

... do you realize how old Greenday is, as a band?

In any case, I don't hate them.